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How many kudoz points do you need? You don’t need that many. You just need to appear on page 1 of search results. How?

Choose your fields of expertise

First of all, you should decide what specialty fields to display on your public profile. If you’re not yet sure which fields to select, choose any field that interests you, or maybe any field that correspond with your hobbies or passions. When I started out I chose as many as possible, but after a while it is important to pick only 2, 3 or even 4 specific fields (in other words, specialize).

Set e-mail alerts

Go on your profile, click on Kudoz Settings and opt for Immediate alerts. I chose to receive alerts for kudoz questions that fall into “My interest fields”, which include specialty an interest fields as well.

Even if the alert is immediate, you don’t need to stop what you are doing as soon as you receive it and respond to the kudoz question as quickly as possible. Take your time to finish what you were doing, to do your search and to submit an answer ‒ Take. Your. Time.

Earn (enough) kudoz points

No, you don’t have to beat the 1st colleague on the list ‒ for the English to Italian language combination I should earn other 12,150 kudoz points to rank first! It would be time consuming and nearly impossible!

When a client browses the translation directory they pick a field of expertise. It comes natural for them because they prefer a smaller pool of translators to choose from. What you want to make sure is to appear on page 1 of the search results related to your fields of expertise (because who looks at page 2 page, eh?). In fact, as soon as I modify the search criteria and select one of my fields of expertise, the Sport/Fitness/Recreation one, I do appear on page 1. Mind you that as of today I (only) have 42 points! Actually, you would only need more than 12 kudoz points to appear on page 1! Now being visible to clients sounds like a more attainable goal, doesn’t it? As you can see you don’t need thousands of kudoz points.

Play smart

Let’s pretend that you’re a client looking for a sports translator and take a look at these search results. Have you noticed anything? There are 25 profiles on page 1. Only 2 include the keyword “sports” in their tagline. Which profile would you click on first? Of course I would visit those 2 profiles first! Anyone would. So remember to pick the right keywords for your tagline.

To sum things up and give you some figures (among members):

- English to Italian profiles: 26,835

- English to Italian profiles in Sport/Fitness/Recreation: 2,436

- English to Italian profiles in Sport/Fitness/Recreation with sports-related keyword in their tagline appearing on page 1: 2

Check your ranking

If you go on your profile, by clicking on Jobs & Directories/My directory ranking you know exactly how many kudoz points you need to earn to appear on page 1. Invest time and effort to answer only the right kudoz questions. This will save you time and stress.

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